We are building a platform for those who share a passion for a slow approach, both fellow photographers and the community with which we share our work. In doing so we hope to:

  • Encourage a slow and more personal approach to visiting, appreciating, and photographing a place. Foster thoughtful and respectful attitudes towards photographic subjects.

  • Focus on the quality of the photographic experience, in a way that enhances the end result.

  • Nurture dialogue among photographers about what slow photography means to them, examine their unique perspectives and approaches, and celebrate common experiences.

  • Tell engaging stories about the context in which a powerful image was captured. 

  • Feature photography that transports you somewhere and makes you want to learn more about the place.

  • Focus on quality over quantity: in the work that we share and feature; in the photographic experience; and in the process we practice and promote.


For many people, modern life in the digital sphere has become exhausting. We are inundated with content and unable to digest it all in a meaningful way. More and more people dream of escaping it all; shifting the paradigm. We dream of simplifying life, gathering experiences rather than things, carving out more leisure time, and making stronger connections. The van life is replacing the (chemically-treated) green lawn as the ultimate dream, and the “gig economy” is challenging the inevitability of the 40-hours work week. So is leaving it all behind the only answer? Not necessarily...

The loosely defined and organized Slow Movement, spearheaded by the Slow Food Movement in the 1980’s, is the perfect cultural counterforce to our largely prevalent ‘time poverty’ state of mind. Rather than encouraging escape, the Slow Movement tells us to engage intentionally and move through life at a meaningful pace. It emphasizes making connections to other people and to the natural world, prioritizing quality over quantity and experiences over material things. We believe this concept applies to photography, where slowing down to truly appreciate something, and carefully consider how it is best captured, can lead to more fulfilling experiences and meaningful images. 

We hope this approach helps us feel more connected to one another and more focused on gaining experience and understanding through photography. We also hope to share our images and stories in a way that is constructive to our community and photographic subjects.

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